After some breakfast, catching up on my feedly, and drinking a couple cups of coffee,  Josh and I worked on the kitchen and the living room until Henry went down for his morning nap. I was still tired, a little achey, and generally feeling pretty ho-hum toward the prospect of a sleepy Saturday spent tidying up and watching Netflix.

But THEN! My phone buzzed! And it was my sweet friend Julia, telling me she had a few hours between flights at the Charlotte airport! So as soon as he woke up, Henry and I loaded up and headed toward CLT-Douglas to save Julia from spending her afternoon stranded in the terminal. We headed to Whole Foods for a delicious lunch on the patio.

Julia is the kind of BFF you read about in books – no matter how long it’s been since we’ve seen each other, talking with her feels like putting on my favorite, softest t-shirt.

She snapped the above photo of Henry and me as we were leaving – it’s one of my new favorites. I love Henry’s subtle side-eye. (Josh teaches him tricks. But the half-judgy shifty eye? I taught him that.)

a new first page

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“Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.” – William Wordsworth | image via

I’ve never kept a journal.

I mean, I’ve always kept a journal, but I’ve never kept a journal.

Growing up, I wrote in notebooks regularly – but I never seemed to fill one book before starting another, and I was never especially sentimental about the books I left behind. I was always very paranoid that someone might happen upon an old journal, read it, and judge past-me for the things she wrote. So each time I moved to a new journal, the old one was destroyed, completely and without hesitation.

I know I’m in the minority. I’ll never read aloud from my old diary at a Mortified event. I won’t be able to pass down my childhood musings to Henry or his kids when I’m old and far removed from my fear of being judged. And I’m ok with that.

I like the idea of a clean slate. A fresh start. A blank page. So consider this post the first page of a brand new notebook. I’m pressing my pencil to a clean white sheet, and the feeling is just as delicious as I remember.

My hope for maydaily (heck yes new title and everything) is that I post something daily. Photos, videos, songs, quippy asides or rambling thoughts – anything goes as long as I’m thinking and sharing and creating and enjoying.

My journals used to be filled with quotes and song lyrics and magazine clippings that inspired me or resonated or just felt good rolling around in my brain. I filled the pages because it was fun, and because there was no pressure, and the result was something fun and fleeting and authentically me.

I want to capture that feeling again.