March was more in like a lamb and out like a lion than the other way around, but it’s out either way which means it’s time to move to APRIL.

In keeping with the theme of my life lately, March zoomed on by before I even realized it was halfway over. It was a great month while it was here, though. I managed to complete two of my March goals (using my new markerboard and training for my 5k). ┬áThe others, well, there’s always April! (Clearly I’m great at this personal goals thing. Clearly.)

In April, I would like to:

-Run my first 5k! AAAAAHHH! I can’t believe it’s already here, but it is! I’m hitting the road with my mom, aunt, and grandma on April 9 in Rock Hill, SC. I’m very nervous. Root for me!

-continue to follow the Weight Watchers plan on my path to better health.

-Cook at least one new recipe a week. Blog about this recipe each TUESDAY. I’m giving myself a day in hopes of holding myself accountable!

-Step up my #ukulelewednesday game! Practice for longer in order to play the songs better. That’s just common sense.

-Follow up on my ideas for personal branding and continue to develop a solid concept. I came up with a really exciting idea on the plane back from Tallahassee. I think I’ve finally got a concept worth going with, which is exciting, especially since this project has been a to-do since the beginning of 2011.

- Draw and doodle more. Because it’s fun!

-Make time to read the newspaper once a week. With coffee. And quiet. This is a biggie. I’m falling back into the habit of sleeping until the very last minute, dashing to work, eating breakfast and lunch at my desk…I have to make time to read and learn and absorb as much of the “outside world” as I can.

Was March your month? Will April be, too? If you set goals, leave your link in the comments! I’d love to read what you’re working on.

Calendar image via Christiane Engel


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