Doing the Thing


There are plenty of things easier than writing.

It’s easy to read a book and think “I could have written this.” To feel all righteously indignant over a typo as you sit propped up in bed, trashy reality TV playing in the background while you halfheartedly flip through whatever book you picked up on impulse on your last trip to Target.

It’s easy to daydream on the treadmill about how much you would rather be a writer than whatever your day job actually is. It’s easy to fantasize about the “life of a writer.” You can close your eyes and picture yourself sleeping in, leisurely getting ready, pulling up a chair to a sun-drenched table in the window of the “good” Starbucks in town…or, if you’re not a morning person, maybe you see yourself working from the slippery vinyl booth in the corner of the 24-hour-diner in the wee small hours, served by a waitress who knows your regular order and keeps your coffee topped off. While the rest of the world sleeps, you do something better. You write.

It’s easy to tell yourself that you’re a writer. To pick up a journal every once in a while or jot down some pithy observation for twitter. To blog on and off sporadically and without any discernible purpose for oh, let’s say FOUR AND A HALF YEARS.

It’s much tougher to actually just sit down and write.

Where am I going with this?

It’s time to renew my domain name. When I got the automated reminder email, it struck a chord with me. Why am I paying for this website? What’s it worth if I only hit “Publish” once every few months, and if the only posts I’m writing are apologies or excuses for not writing more? Why have a public blog when most of what I write is private, lurking in the drafts folder, unpublished and unseen for fear of what other people might think?  What good is a blog called “Life is happening” if you’re not writing about your life? Or anything at all?

Wanting to be a writer is far easier than writing. That’s why there are so many people who want to do the thing, and so few people who actually do.

I said I had three chapters done – I lied. When I opened up the Google Doc tonight (for the first time in far too long), I saw that I have two. Two chapters and a rough outline of where I want to go.

Here are the stats this week:
Chapters – 2
Words – 1028

Check in next Thursday to see how far I’ve come. It’s high time I start “doing the thing.”

This entry was inspired by my friend Joey (Brave and Enough) who has been doing the thing for years now. She’s a writer, a real writer, and I think she’s fantastic. Check out her blog here

One thought on “Doing the Thing

  1. Joey

    It’s always SO much easier to talk about it than to do it. Always. But you, my friend, CAN and WILL do it. You are the most talented writer–your stories and posts suck me in and leave me wanting more–always. Make the time–because I’ll be first in line to buy your book!! And thank you for your sweet words–funny how you inspire me–and you think I’m inspiring you. Guess that’s writing for you.


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