eight months

8mosOur Henry Bear is eight months old,
and how the time is flying.
His days are marked with brand new tricks
like crawling and fake-crying.

He is now ALWAYS on the move,
yes, even when he’s sleeping.
Sometimes he stands, then can’t sit down -
this often leads to weeping.

He offers kisses on the cheek;
they’re sloppy and endearing.
And I am struck with wonder
at this child that I am rearing.

He hates to have his nose cleaned,
but he still delights in bathing.
He takes great joy in splashing;
water is his favorite plaything.

He watches carefully the world,
observing and reacting.
His laughter is a prize
which he awards for silly-acting.

He has two teeth, he sucks his thumb,
he fights us every bedtime.
And every day, he lights my world;
this baby is my sunshine.

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