I Won’t Work Out At Home (Lessons from this week)

Riding high on my new-leaf endorphins, I gave myself a fresh set of goals last week. Here’s how I did:

Stop falling asleep to Netflix -
Yes! I broke this nightly habit. I had a slight relapse last night when I nodded off during my binge-watch of Breaking Amish, but that was an accident, not a conscious choice to lull myself to sleep with the help of Netflix. I’m still counting this as a win.

Pack healthy, nutritious lunches all week – and eat them somewhere other than my desk -
Half yes! Last week was Spring Break at my school, but I opted to go in and work for the week. I didn’t pack my lunch on Monday, but I did build my own nutritious salad at Harris Teeter that day. The rest of the days I dutifully packed, except for Friday, when Josh brought me Moe’s as an end-of-week treat. So while I didn’t strictly keep to my rule, I did achieve what I was going for, which was to skip the drive through and eat something that was good for my body every day.

Read or write for at least 30 minutes every day-
Yes! I replaced my nightly Netflix with reading, and I loved it. I’m almost done with Z: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald. It feels wonderful to be reading regularly again – my axe feels sharper already.

Exercise at least 3 days (gym or DVD at home)
NO! It seems that I need to face the fact that once I get home, between snuggling Henry and spending time with Josh and trying to pick up a little and relaxing before bed, I don’t have time to exercise. Or, to be more honest, I don’t choose to make the time for exercise. If I’m going to do it, I need to do it before I get home. This week, I’m keeping my goal of exercising 3 times, but I’m going to assign myself a location – the gym.

To be honest, I’m tired of this squishy new mom body that’s almost back to normal but not quite. And to be brutally honest, I’ve been whining about it without doing anything to help myself – a nasty habit that I’m all too happy to call out for other people. I want to look like someone who works out, but I don’t want to work out? Ridiculous. It’s time to call myself out. Put up or shut up, self. Get to the gym.

So how can I help myself achieve this goal?

1. I need a plan
I found Workoutlabs.com, which offers free printable workout plans. I like that you can download these as one-sheet rundowns; so many sites offer workout routines as click-through slideshows, which isn’t helpful at all to a person like me who needs clear, easy-to-reference instructions when I try something new.

2. I need a playlist
I’ve been building my DO IT TO IT Spotify playlist – any suggestions for songs to add?

3. I need a reward
Josh got me a gift card for a massage this Christmas, and I still haven’t used it. IF, and only IF I make it to the gym three times this week, I’m going to finally book my appointment for 50 minutes of therapeutic bliss.

So there it is – I’m motivated, I’m determined, and I have a plan. Time to get it done this week.

One thought on “I Won’t Work Out At Home (Lessons from this week)

  1. Joey

    YAY FRIEND!!! Good for you on your goals from last week! I used to fall asleep nightly to FRIENDS (I still sneak it sometimes), but I have such a hard time falling asleep–I’ve told myself I just need to quit and have it be dead silent. As for the gym–go girl! I only have access to the gym if J is home (dumbest rule of the university, ever–you can let me live on campus but I can’t have access to the gym? Whatevs). Having a plan works wonders!


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