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Happy Monday Morning!

Henry’s been sleeping through the night most nights, but every once in a while he’ll still give us trouble going to sleep or he’ll wake up for a middle of the night feeding. He woke us up this morning at around 3:30, and while he and Josh were able to fall promptly back to sleep, I’ve been wide awake since then. I finally decided to be productive instead of grouchily watching the clock from bed, so here I am. Laundry’s going, coffee’s made, and I’m blogging this week’s little bit of inspiration.

Watch me now, hey!

Marta Harding Big Adventure

To live will be an awfully big adventure.” One of my favorite snippets from Peter Pan, illustrated by the wildly talented Marta HardingCheck out the rest of this series here.
Spruce up your desktop with this pretty February calendar by Oana Befort.
I love the promise of warmer weather in these pretty fruit prints by Sarah Abbot and etsy user joreyhurley.
These valentines from Emily McDowell are like little paper Sweet Tarts. My favorites:
Love Pie Chart
I’m so glad we’re a thing
I Found You Love

All right – I hear the baby stirring, so it’s time to start the day. I hope you all have a wonderful week!

2 thoughts on “Monday Inspiration

  1. Joey

    Look at you!! I love that you took the time to be productive since you knew couldn’t fall back to sleep! I love that “take charge” of your mood quality about you!


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