What’s the difference?

Since I wrote that big brain dump of a post on Wednesday, I’ve been feeling like a million bucks. I’m more awake, I’m crossing off my office to-do list at lightning speed, I’m more present at home, and most importantly – I’m so, so happy.


So what changed? Well, here are the facts:

I’m getting more sleep
My average number of sleeping hours is up to 7.5 a night (which is pretty miraculous for the mother of a seven-month-old). I’m trying to get to bed between 9:00 and 10:00 every night. I’ve still been watching Netflix as I fall asleep, which I want to stop next week – especially since I basically just pick a show and doze off during the opening credits. I think it’s delaying my sleep, and I know it’s screwing up my queue.

I broke up with Candy Crush
It’s a time suck and it adds nothing to my life. I was becoming incapable of just sitting – instead, I spent my idle moments staring vacantly and swiping at those dumb little candies and jelly blocks when I could have been writing, or singing, or figuring out the newest trick to make Henry giggle. I deleted it from my phone and my iPad, and I blocked the app on Facebook. Goodbye, you toxic little game. I am NOT going to miss you.

I’m eating better
I’ve been craving (and then eating) crunchy, green salads for lunch this week – and after every one, I wish I could go back and eat it all again. I’m also drinking a TON of water (partially because prednisone puts me in a perma-parched state). It seems so simple to understand that frozen pizza and processed queso won’t make you feel good, but there’s a huge gap between understanding and acting on that information.

I’m reading more
My reading brain is out of practice, and that is heartbreaking. I downloaded a new novel this week (Z: A novel of Zelda Fitzgerald), and I’ve been using Zite and Pocket (read more about those apps here) to keep track of articles and blog posts I’m interested in. I feel more enriched and clued in to my industry and my interests – which is a massive improvement over feeling addicted to Candy Crush (bottom line: that game is a soul sucking life void and you should avoid it like the plague).

I ditched the Top 40 radio
I changed my dial to our local NPR station. This morning, I listened to the latest episode of This American Life. I haven’t missed the obnoxious DJs or their five-song repertoire yet. I don’t miss them. Not even a little bit.

I’ve been taking better care of my cuticles
Hey, I’m just reporting the facts. My cuticles are fabulous and so is my mood. It’s science.

I definitely want to keep riding this feeling – so here are the specific improvements I want to make for next week:

Stop falling asleep to Netflix
Pack healthy, nutritious lunches all week – and eat them somewhere other than my desk
Read or write for at least 30 minutes every day
Exercise at least 3 days (gym or DVD at home)

My greater goal is to keep being intentional and protective when it comes to my time, my body, and my wellness. A lot of the reading I’ve been doing has been on the topic of reducing stress and increasing productivity, and the tips I’ve implemented are making a huge and immediate difference. It’s encouraging to see such a big impact from such small changes.

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  2. connieanony

    NPR is always a good swap! I can’t tell you how long it’s been since I listened to top 40 radio. I’m right there with you — it feels so much more enriching! :)

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